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Training feedback

  • Event management

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event management training and all the aspects it included.  It made me think of areas that I would not have thought about whilst planning an event.  Through this course, I then used what I had learnt to plan and run my own event!” (Lindsey, Doncaster)

“I feel more confident now than earlier!” (Ellie, Homestart South Yorkshire)

“I especially liked the worksheets regarding action planning and risk assessing…Mark was excellent” (Bella, The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield).

100% of delegates attending our Event Management training rated the course as ‘excellent’ value for money!

  • Assessing risk: beyond just the tick box

“The top takeaway was probably to actually sit down and assess what risks might happen.  I usually think about the financial ones, but not the others!” (James, Southampton)

“Great training – made me think about aspects of work that could be improved to better my business.  A great interactive session of how to put learning into real life. Brill!” (Deborah, Salon owner, Ireland).

“I loved Mark’s training on risk assessment. He took a potentially boring subject and made it fun, interesting and simple to start using in day to day life”. (Adrian, CEO web design company, Ireland).

Assessing risk: beyond just the tick box
Delegates learn about the different types of risk: project; operational & strategic risks
Delegates work on their own risk assessments
Delegates work on their own risk assessments

How to deliver effective presentations

“The tips for what you should try to avoid when doing a presentation were very helpful.  I’ve also learned not to worry about a presentation going wrong!” (Delegate, Barnsley)

“I found the section on how to pitch a presentation to different personality types to be very good”. (Delegate, Barnsley).

“I found it all useful”. (Delegate, Barnsley).

“I liked the interactive elements and the top tips and then putting what we were learning into practice”. (Delegate, Barnsley).

Delegates working on their short presentation
Delegates working on their short presentation